Welcome to our Gambling Site Review section! Here is your comprehensive spot for everything you need to know about the gambling sites open to the Australian market and which ones you should be choosing for your real money gambling enjoyment. We look for every site that is available to our readers and spend hours researching and testing the sites. Let’s give you an idea of what goes into our reviews so you can feel confident in our results.

About our team

When we started putting this site together, we knew that we wanted to give readers the most honest look at the online gambling world. There is too much misinformation in the market today, so we thought we would start by bringing in online gambling experts to make up our review team.

Our team of reviewers comes from all parts of the gambling world. Some have been in the online gambling business in one form or another since the inception of the industry, while others have come from the land-based side of the business. We also have experts in the individual games, which means that every game is tested at the highest quality.

Overall, our team brings an extensive amount of experience to the reviews, which means you are reading the most comprehensive site summaries on the internet. We continue to bring on new experts as new sites, and new games are introduced into the market.

Why we review Australian Gambling sites

When launching this site, we sat as a group to outline our goals for it. When it came to the review section, it was clear that we wanted to be the best place online for players, novice to expert, to learn about the sites that were open for business in the Australian market.

The industry is constantly changing, and this is evident when you look at the recent changes to Australian gaming law. With all the change, it can be difficult to stay on top of things, so having one place that you can come to where you know you are going to receive honest, up to date information puts you in the best position to be a knowledgeable gambler.

As with many industries that are Internet-based, there have been many scammers in the online gambling world over the years. Our reviewers do their due diligence on every casino, especially the new brands, to see if there are ties to any of the rogue owners from the past. We have a blacklist of casinos that we warn all of our readers to avoid. On top of that, many of our reviewers know some of the casino owners personally so they can cut through some of the complaints from forum sites to determine the truth about the issues being outlined.

Finally, the reason we write all these reviews is that we are also players ourselves! We love to gamble, and that is what drew us to this side of the business in the first place. When we are reviewing sites for our readers, we are using our own money to deposit and play the games, and of course, just like you, we want to walk away with more money than we started with! As a result, we look at the games much differently than someone who isn’t as dedicated to playing for hours at a time.

What we look at when we review sites

So, what does it take to complete one of these reviews? Well, each of these reviews is performed by at least two of our experts, so we make sure we don’t miss anything! This tends to take hours, spread out over a couple of days. Why do we go into such detail? We do it, so you don’t have to – we take all the heavy lifting on ourselves so you can read a review and then head right to the casino and start playing! Here are some of the categories of attributes we review in each gambling site we look at.


Online gambling sites are all about the games first, so we take a long look at the games that are being offered. There are loads of software companies offering pokies and table games to players, but with that comes a varied difference in quality and selection. These days, with the instant-play access to casino games, an operator can have relationships with multiple vendors. While that takes a little more work from an integration perspective, it ends up with far more diverse content for the end user. The choice of software provider can have a direct impact on the enjoyment factor for players, so we make sure you know which suppliers (and which games from that supplier) can be found in the lobby of any casino site.

Security and background

In our eyes, the background of the group that owns the gambling site is just as important as any other factor. As we mentioned before, there is too much opportunity for fraud in this business not to be careful about who you choose to send your money to. We look at the site owners, and try to tie them back to any other sites we may have come across in the past. Also, we look at when a site launched. The longer a site has been in business, the more likely they are to be on the safe side. However, that doesn’t mean that a newer site isn’t a great option for our readers as well.

The other side of security comes by way of the online gambling licenses offered around the world. Even though the Australian market has forced many players to head to offshore sites, we can still provide you with safe options based on where a casino is licensed. Some jurisdictions like the UK and Malta are very regimented when it comes to auditing the business practices and finances of online gambling sites, which means your money is being watched for you while you play.

Payment Options

Banking in the online gambling world has always faced challenges since the early days of the industry, and that challenge continues today. Along the way, we have seen dozens of new payment methods introduced to the market. Some of them have fallen by the wayside, while others have managed to become important pieces of the payment journey.

We look at all the options available for each site that we review, including taking a detailed look at cryptocurrency. This new digital currency could be the future of all online payments, and the online gambling world gives you a chance to dabble in them to learn more about how they work (as well as paying for your gambling with them). We cover which cryptocurrencies are being accepted at gambling sites, as well as explain in detail how they work.

Marketing and Promotions

The online gambling world is highly competitive, and sites have to work harder than ever to get your attention. Once they have it, you are being given dozens of offers to make you a depositing player, and even more to try to keep you as a loyal player. These offers can seem confusing at times, and after a while, they all start to sound the same.

We cut through all the noise to explain which bonuses and promotions we think are the best for each type of gambler. This includes a breakdown of the Welcome Bonus offered by every site, and whether some of these offers are too good to be true. We also look at the VIP programs and loyalty programs being offered. These programs can go a long way not only to keeping you at a site but adding to your bottom line profitability, so finding the best ones for the style of player you are is crucial to your overall success.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, more players are accessing gambling sites from their phones and tablets. The industry has responded, with the majority of games available for mobile play. However, there are wild swings in quality of mobile offerings. We look at which sites have the best optimized mobile sites, as well as which sites offer players the chance to play games via a native app (this may change in Australia as a result of the changes to the gambling laws). Every gambling site’s mobile platform factors into our overall rating.

The top Australian Gambling Sites

Ok, now that you know a lot more about how our review process works, it is time to get you started on some reviews! We have dozens of reviews on the site, and while we encourage you to take the time to read as many as you can, we are giving you a bit of a cheat sheet below with a list of our highest-rated gambling sites. All of these sites have been recommended by our team of experts and will provide you with the best combination of the attributes you read about above.

If some of these sites don’t sound familiar, have no fear. This is why we perform these reviews – so you can feel comfortable in selecting any brand that our review team deems as solid enough for our readers to play. Good luck!