Some payment processors in the online gambling world focus on their one corecompetency, while others are more willing to extend their reach into new areas. Such is the case of UPayCard, which offers players multiple options all under the same umbrella. These days, with so many options for payments,online not just at casinos but all forms of internet purchases, having that flexibility is worth the time to set up these accounts. Let’s take a look at UPayCard and how it could work for your online gambling deposits and withdrawals.

Who is UPayCard?

UPayCard is a relatively new entrant into the payment processing scene, having launched in 2013. This means the founders were able to take the learnings and best practices from years of payment processing before them and create a new solution from that knowledge.

UPayCard isbased in the United Kingdom, which for gamblers is an excellent piece of information. Financial companies in the UK face stiff regulationand oversight, which means they are some of the safest companies to do businesswith aroundthe world.

How to use UPayCard

UPayCard has a series of products that are available for use, many of which will be of interest to our readers. It all starts with the digital wallet, which you can register for instantly. Head to the UPayCard site, and sign up for an account, which requires you giving the company some of your personal information. After you register, you will have a digital e-wallet set up. There are many things that you can do with this wallet, including transferring money to other UPayCard users in over 20 different currencies to avoid exchange rates.

Now that you have a UPayCard account, it is time to fund the account. This can be done simply using all kinds of methods, such as VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin and many others. With your payment account funded, it is time to use it for your favorite casinos.

First,you need to find a site that accepts UPayCard as a payment method (more on that to follow). One you do, and you have created an account with the casino, then you can head to the cashier and choose UPayCard as your payment method. You will be redirected to a UPayCard login window where you can enter your credentials and make the deposit of whatever size you would like. After that, the window closes, andyour casino balance will reflect the updated transaction.

Now, there are a couple of other options for those of you who want more from the payment provider. First, you can request a co-branded Mastercard, and the company will send you a physicalcard that is tied to your account. Not only does this allow you to use your UPayCard account for sites that accept MasterCard, but you can also use the physical card for ATM use and land-based purchases.

As an added bonus, UPayCard also offers Crypto wallet services. This meansyou can use the company to buy and store your cryptocurrencies, and you can use them directly to purchase casino chips if you shouldso choose. Overall, we really like the options that are available from UPayCard.

UPayCard Fees

As with most payment processors, there are some fees associated with using the card. While they are not huge, they are something you should be aware of when choosing this payment method.

To fund your account from a bank transfer, you are not charged anything. If you use a credit card to fund your account,then you are charged 1.2% to 2.9%. If you choose to use Bitcoin to fund your account, the fee is 4.9% so it may make more sense to simply deposit directly with the cryptocurrency if possible.

The good news is that you can make withdrawals to your UPayCard account, and from there you can either use the debit card (which has an ATM fee of $3.50 for each use) or request a bank transfer of funds with a flat cost of $25.

Some bad news about UPayCard

Unfortunately, being a highly regulated financial company comes with some downside, and one side-effect is tight restrictions on who can use the product for gaming purposes. Although it took much longer than other firms to leave the market, as of October2017 Americans are no longer able to use UPayCard for their online casino transactions.

The best UPayCard Casinos

For those of you who are living in a country where you can use UPayCard for deposits and withdrawals, we have compiled this list of some of our highest-rated casinos that accept the payment method. Here you will find, in our reviewers’ minds, the best combination of loyaltyprograms, customer service, andsoftware, all wrapped up into a great casino that you can play from either your PC or your mobile device.