Payment processing for online casinos has always been a tough business. These days, with all the changes in the Australian gambling market from a legislative perspective, it has become even tougher, with many payment processors simply pulling out of the market. However, those that have continued to accept play from Australians are finding that the business is still worth fighting for, even in a much tighter climate.

With credit cards becoming much more difficult to use at Australian-facing online casinos, operators are looking at other methods of processing deposits and withdrawals. One of the companies that havefounda foothold with Australian companies is Entropay. This third-party processor is very popular with players as well, offering an easy path to getting money to and from an online casino.

What is Entropay?

Entropay is a virtual debit card product that is owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd, who isa UK-based company. This is a good sign right out of the gate from our perspective, because having the parent company based in England means that they are being watched over by a very conservative financial market regulator. The most important thing for online casino players is that theirmoneyis safe both with operators and the companies that process the transactions.

Entropy works on the current Visa network platformand has built its virtual card system on this backbone. How it works ispretty simple. First, you need an Entropay account, which is as simple as clicking on the logo in the casino cashier or heading directly to their website. Once you are there, you create an account by giving Entropay your personal details, after which you are issued a 16 digit Entropay number which mirrors a typical credit card number. With your account number set up, you can choose a way to fund the Entropay account, then take your card number and enter it at the casino with which you want to make a deposit. Just like that, your casino account balance will be updated,andyou will be ready to play!

Is it worth using Entropay?

Many players have taken to using third-partypayment providers for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that theircredit or debit cards didn’t work at the casino they wanted to play with. These days, it is becoming more commonplace that your card will be rejected for online gaming transactions, so using Entropay allows you to fund the virtual account from your credit card, then use that number to fund the site.

Also, people like the idea of these third-partyaccounts because it stores less information aboutthe site itself. With the amount of data being compromised these days, protecting your personal information is paramount, and having this virtual debit card is an excellent middle step.

There are some fees associated with using Entropay that you should be aware of if you are planning on giving it a try. Now, your casino isn’t likely to charge you for withdrawals or deposits using this method, but Entropay itself has fees of 4.95% to load the card from a credit card, 3.95% for loading from a debit card, and 1.95% on all withdrawalsprocessed through your account. This isn’t a ton of moneybut is something you need to be aware of when determining your profitability as a player. We hope you have to pay the 1.95% withdrawal fee often.

Finding a great casino that accepts Entropay

Although many sites have left the Australian market recently, there are still many great sites to choose from that accept Entropay for deposits and withdrawals. When we review an online casino, we look for sites that have a greatgame selection (preferably from multiple sources). Having excellent content is going to keep you more interested and therefore a more loyal player, not having to switch casinoand make multiple deposits.

We also look for sites open to Australians that have great bonuses and promotions. From the no-deposit bonus of Free Spins to huge Welcome Bonuses, we cover every angle looking for the best value for your money. The bottom line with playing at an online casino is that every player wants to win, but every game’s odds are stacked against you. Having some ways to earn some extra cash with everyhand or spin goes a long way to making you a winning player overall.

After carefully reviewing hundreds of sites, we have boiled them down to the casinos you see below. Not only do those casinos featurethe qualities we listed above, but they are also mobile-compatible for those of you who would rather play from your tablet orphone. Finally, all of these sites offer Entropay as a payment method, so there is a good reason to create an account with this processor and start playing!