Gambling World News in Australia for October 2020

The gambling industry in Australia has been lucrative, not only for game developers but also for investors and everyone else involved. No wonder you will today find the whole family enjoying playing casinos and placing bets on various games, even in their homes with the wireless consoles.

Bank Australia is suspending credit card payments to any gambling operator

Some financial institutions have slammed the use of their credit cards for any transactions that involve gambling operations. Bank Australia has also joined other financial institutions to do so to ensure customer responsibility in matters of personal debt management.

Bank Australia, a consumer-owned banking group, has announced that it is halting gambling with credit cards. The bank has announced that its account holders will no longer be able to use their credit cards for funding gambling activities. This new measure will be coming into effect from 01/12/2020. From this date, Bank Australia will block all attempted transactions that are related in any way to gambling. However, the bank will still allow its consumers to fund their gambling activities using their debit cards.

This decision was arrived at after their research findings proved that most of their customers believe that credit cards are not ideal for gambling activities. According to the bank’s operators, customer’s opinions largely influence their decision making.

2020 Australian Poker Tour–Gold Coast II Tournament

The return of the 2020 Australian Poker Tour–Gold Coast II Poker Tournament has been announced. The tournament will be returning on 10/29/2020 and will continue through 11/1/2020 at the famous Southport Sharks Casino. The event will take place at Southport Sharks. The organizer, the Australian Poker Tour, will release the detailed schedule of this tournament soon.

Australian cashless gaming proposal faces opposition in NSW

The proposal for introducing cashless alternatives for slot machines or pokers in Sydney, Australia, might hit a snag. The lobby groups, especially for the clubs and hotels association, have strongly opposed the ideas, terming the new proposal’s structure an avenue to increase the operational costs for small- and medium-sized operators.

According to the new proposal, gamblers will have to register officially and have their money-preloaded on the gaming card. The agency behind this proposal suggests that the system would then be linked directly to the self-exclusive, state-run database for problem gambling.

The proposal, according to ClubsNSW, is a costly solution that the government is forcing into clubs. Michael Daley, a former politician for New South Wales, is opposed to the proposal. According to him, such measures will likely devastate clubs and pubs, which are already struggling to survive, thereby putting jobs at risk.

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