Australia Creates a Council to Advice Sports Integrity Association

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) might not have been doing their work right leading to the Australian government creating a council to monitor and advise what the body should do. The new Sports Integrity Australia Advisory Council (SIAAC) consists of nine members, each with specific skills and knowledge that contribute to the government’s overall goal to ensure sports integrity. The council is a product of the country’s sports integrity act revised in 2020.

With many match-fixing cases that allow many gamblers to get payouts from various games, Australia is dedicating resources to curb the crime in sports gambling. The newly formed SIAAC comes as one of Australia’s methods to monitor sports in the country. Ideally, the nine-member board work involves coming up with plans that stop match-fixing and identify and ensure athlete performances are per set regulations.

According to Richard Colbeck, the minister for sports in Australia, SIAAC will help counter integrity issues and money laundering using their skills and experience they gained in various fields of their work. The government has recently invested $10.1 million to fund the nine-member board that will independently handle complaints and issues relating to Australia’s sports integrity.

SIAAC Members

The Australian government was keen to choose only the best people to carry on the task of SIAAC. The board comprises members from the sports industry, government administration, child protection, and law enforcement sections. The Vice President of World Sailing, Sarah Kenny, will be leading the group with the help of the following:

• Lynne Anderson, CEO of Paralympics Australia

• James Sunderland, CEO of Golf Australia

• Ken Moroney, police commissioner of New South Wales

• Margo Foster, former athlete

• Scott draper, a sports consultant

• Jason Marocchi, public policy adviser

• Megan Mitchell retired National Children Commissioner

Sarah Kenny released a statement noting that she is excited to work with the other esteemed members to ensure they achieve the board’s goal.

The Need for Sports Integrity Australia Advisory Council (SIAAC)

In August 2017, Honorable Greg Hunt MP launched a review on sports integrity in the country, to be led by Honorable James Woods. The Woods’ review found that the country’s sports industry was challenged by various integrity issues in sports wagering, doping issues, corruption, and many others.

This encouraged the government to create SIAAC last year and has finally filled the vacant this year on Tuesday 12th January. As sports is an integral part of the Australian economy, the government hopes SIAAC will utilize their skills to turn around the industry into integrity, ensuring the sector remains safe and fair.

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