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Real Money Gambling in Australia

Real Money gambling in Australia has always been a popular pastime, but the introduction of online gambling sites made it a far easier prospect for residents of the country. Online casinos and poker sites give gamblers who live in remote locations a chance to feel the rush of the cards in the air or the spin of the reels of the pokies. Whether it is for entertainment purposes or to try to win loads of cash, there is a real desire to bet with real money in Australia – we’ll take you a journey into why Australians seem to have gambling in their DNA.

Online Casino Reviews

Since the first online casino opened its doors back in the mid-1990s, hundreds, if not thousands of sites have popped up accepting bets from players from all over the world. Over the years, changes to legislation in some countries including Australia forced many casinos out of individual markets. Other casinos went out of business or were acquired by larger groups, and others remained intact from their original launches 20 years ago.

Our team of online casino experts has extensive experience in playing at AU focused online casinos, making them the perfect people to write honest, comprehensive reviews for our readers. Check out our Online Casino Reviews section to see what criteria are most important when selecting where to play our favorite table games or pokies.

The Top Online Casinos for Australians

From our hundreds of site reviews, we have selected a few to highlight right here for you. While we still suggest that you check out all the reviews we offer on the site, the casinos you see below are the ones we think give players the best overall experience for their time and money. Each review details exactly

what you will find when you launch these sites, so there should be no surprises waiting for you when you create an account and make a deposit.

Online Casino Games Guides

One of the major benefits of playing at an online casino is that there are typically far more games offered than in a land-based facility. With no building to limit the number of tables and pokies, online casino operators have the luxury of being able to offer hundreds of game variants from multiple software suppliers. As an online casino player, not only do you get the convenience of playing in the comfort of your own home, but you also have the opportunity to try out new games in a non-stressful environment.

We know that many of you haven’t played all the games in a casino lobby, so we have put together an entire section of online casino game guides. These guides will give you a complete understanding of how each game works and also recommend places for you to try each one. Here is what you will find in our Online Casino Games section.

Online Blackjack

The most popular of the table games in a casino, the basics of Blackjack are very easy to learn. However, there are so many variants of the game online today that we want you to understand how the slightest change in rules can impact your play.

Online Pokies

The pokies are the one game in an online casino that has benefitted the most over the years. Improvements to technology allowed companies to build games that have come a long way from the original fruit and number games of the olden days of casinos. With graphics that are detailed and storylines that rival other forms of entertainment, there are many reasons to learn all about online pokies and how you could become an instant millionaire from your couch.

Online Roulette

While you may think that roulette is a simple game – pick some numbers, watch the wheel spin – you may not realize all the different betting strategies that can be used to maximize your returns. Also, with different variants of the game available online, the house edge is drastically different depending on the game you choose. Our guide shows you all the best that you can make and what you should look for when you are selecting a table to play.

Online Craps

Craps is one of the most exhilarating games in any casino. The magic of throwing the dice and the roar of a table when on a long roll are enticing to any gambler. However, the game has many complexities, and understanding the basics is crucial to having a fun time when playing. Online Craps gives players the chance to feel the excitement while also taking the time to learn betting patterns and strategies. Our guide reviews the gameplay at a craps table as well as a breakdown of the differences between playing online or in a casino.

Online Video Poker

Video Poker is an interesting game. It is rarely marketed by a casino, and sometimes the games get lost in a lobby of an online casino. We think the game is an excellent combination of poker and pokies, and with our guide to Online Video Poker, you will get a chance to understand why we think the game is entirely underrated. There is a lot more to video poker than meets the eye, and we start you down the path to enlightenment on this page.

Online Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker has a bit of a niche following, but we think it’s the perfect Table Game for players who love poker. The game, which is actually two games in one, allows you to get the feeling of playing poker without having to be at the tables for hours at a time. Our Three Card Poker Guide explains the difference between the two bets and also lets you know where you can try the game for free online.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the more popular games in an online casino. However, you may not realize it unless you have seen the game played live. The game, which has characteristics of Blackjack but requires no gameplay from a player, is very quick and allows players to see more hands and track trends than other Table games. Our guide will walk you through how a hand of Baccarat works and what variants of the game you may find at an online casino.

Online Let It Ride

Let it Ride is a game that is often neglected except by a small group of players, and is finding itself in fewer and fewer land-based casinos these days. Online casinos have given the game and extended life, and our guide to Let it Ride is designed to generate some play from those who haven’t given this fun game a try in the past.

Online Poker In Australia

Poker has always been a favorite pastime of Australians, but when Joe Hachem won the Main Event of the 2004 World Series of Poker and became an ambassador of Poker Stars, the game really exploded in popularity. Today, Australia hosts one of the largest poker tournament series on the planet (the Aussie Millions), and despite the changes in legislation, online poker continues to be a popular game.

There are many reasons that people play online poker, not the least of which is the ability for thousands of Australians to congregate in a poker tournament without having to travel the vast distances separating them in the country. Online poker allows players with smaller bankrolls to play enough hands to learn the game, grow their balances and take a shot at becoming the next Joe Hachem!

The Best Online Poker sites for Australians

The recent changes to the Gambling Act in Australia made it much more difficult for operators to do business with Australian players, but there are still some excellent choices for those of you who want to play online poker. We have taken the time to research all the options still open to Australian players, and have compiled a list of the top places to play. You can read all about these sites by clicking the link below.

Real Money Poker in Australia

With the game being much more social than other casino games, online poker has a mystique about it. There are millions of players who play the game for free, either at social poker sites or in the free play area of the same poker sites that offer real money games. So, why does someone choose to play the game for real money, and is there a difference between learning at play money or real money tables? We have put together a whole page answering these questions and more – explaining the allure or Real Money poker and why so many Australians choose to play it over playing for free.

Mobile Casinos

As the quality of mobile technology grew in the early 2000s and the smartphone and tablet were introduced, it changed the way most Australians live their lives. With this much computing power in the palm of your hands, you can accomplish most of your daily tasks without having to sit in front of your PC. The online gambling industry picked up on this trend, with the first mobile pokie game available all the way back in 2004. These days, there an increasing number of online gamblers who play exclusively from their mobile devices, and this is why we have dedicated an entire section of Gamble Australia to this growing segment of the market.

Android Casino Sites

Android is far and away the most used operating system on mobile devices, so it only makes sense that this is a very lucrative market for online casino operators. We review how Android came to prominence, and what steps casino sites must take to be able to offer games through this operating platform in different countries.

iPhone Casinos

Apple’s mobile phone is the most popular device ever made, but the company’s conservative history with gambling has meant the growth of playing online casino games on the iPhone has moved at a slower pace than you might expect. We take a look at why Apple took so long to accept gambling apps in the App Store and the effect it has had on the online casino world, as well as the differences between playing in an app and through the phone’s mobile browser.

iPad Casinos

The iPad offers users all the benefits of iOS and the iPhone but with a much larger screen, giving the tablet more of a feel of a PC. The gaming world has had to adapt to the changing screen sizes of the device with each release, and some are doing a better job than others. We highlight the sites that have the best-optimized games for the iPad and which now offer apps specifically for the tablet.

Online Casino Payments

For years, the online gambling world has been at the mercy of online payment providers. Given all the issues that the industry has had with fraud, it is not at all surprising to hear that many providers do not want to touch transactions from online gambling sites. The end result of this stress is a significantly

higher processing rate for operators trying to accept deposits, and frustration from players who struggle to use their current credit and debit cards to make payments.

We have an entire section that looks at online casino payments as a whole, and in-depth reviews of the top payment options for Australians. This includes options like Cryptocurrency, which has become very popular in recent years for players looking to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely. Payment options for online gambling sites vary drastically by country, and it seems like every year there are a handful of new processing companies in the business. This section will continually bring you the most up-to-date information on new methods that are relevant to gamblers in Australia.

Australian Online Gambling Laws

The Australian government has always had a hand in trying to control how its citizens interact with online gambling sites. The Gambling Act takes a shot at regulating the space, but as with other countries, it is much harder to enforce than it looks. Some companies have taken heed of the warnings from the government and have left the market, while other offshore operators continue to act as though they are above the law.

We take a look at the introduction of the Gambling Act, along with the significant changes in the law over the years. This is no doubt a work in progress as the country tries to protect its citizens against rogue offshore operators while also trying to maximize the tax revenues from legitimate businesses. Every time there is news about the legal climate for online gambling in Australia, we will update this section of Gamble Australia, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to be in the know!

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